HCA considers scrapping Value for Money self assessments

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The HCA are exploring their options in regards to the Value for Money self assessment and following a consultation on this, which is due to launch in April, may even consider scrapping the requirement completely if they can find a better, more measurable common standard.

The self assessments have been a requirement for Landlords since 2013 with the aim of increasing transparency and improving housing provisions. However the HCA now believe a pre determined set of metrics designed specifically to measure efficiency could be the answer, removing the discrepancy in the measurement criteria used by different associations. Doing so will allow better comparability between similar organisations.

In regards to the VFM assessments Sinead Butters, CEO of Placeshapers, told Inside Housing “they can be torturous to prepare as everyone has a different approach and people can contest it.” Further to this she described the process as a “nightmare.”

The HCA announcement comes as a working group of housing associations continue to develop a sector scorecard which it is hoped will be able to provide measures of efficiency which are applicable sector wide.



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