Understanding the PAS 91 update

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PAS 91 Revision

Justine Thompson from Consultancy at Pennington Choices, explains the changes to public procurement as detailed in PAS 91:2013+A1:2017.

The British Standard Institute (BSI) has published the long-awaited amended version of the construction industry standard qualification questionnaire, PAS 91:2013.

PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 91 is a prequalification questionnaire, which the Crown Commercial Services (“CCS”) mandates for contracts for works, associated services and supplies. It enables buyers to issue potential suppliers with a standard set of prequalification questions for projects of varying sizes and types, including in respect of the OJEU procurement thresholds for public sector procurement.

What has changed from PAS 91:2013?

This amendment is to ensure that the PAS aligns with new legislation, in particular changes to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (“CDM Regulations 2015”) and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (“PCR 2015)”.

PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 is an updated version, which is closely aligned with the standard Selection Questionnaire and European Single Procurement Document (“ESPD”). The updates include amendments to questions about supplier identity, financial information and, health and safety, which reflect the approach of Part 1 of the Standard Questionnaire (“SQ”). New tables, for use by public sector purchasers, list the mandatory and discretionary grounds for exclusion set out in the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations with suppliers required to self-declare compliance.

PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 can now be used as the standard questionnaire for procurement of works contracts over the relevant thresholds, without the need to mix and match with the standard Selection Questionnaire (“SQ”) published by Crown Commercial Service.

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Where can I get further information and help?

PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 is now available to download free from the BSI shop – click here to download.


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