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We work in the housing and property sectors and we’re on a mission to persuade you to think differently about recruitment and solving your people resourcing issues.

There’s no question that the top quality candidates come from within; namely internal promotions, referrals and re-hires.  You have a much better grasp on expectations when you’ve already worked with someone, or an employee within your organisation is willing to put their own reputation on the line to vouch for an external candidate.  We need to bear in mind though, that we’re all dealing with a limited pool.  Even the world’s greatest champions of the referral aim for no more than 40-50% to maintain the in-flow of new blood.  And that level is higher than most could dream of achieving; for most, it’s a single digit %.

At the end of the day, a lot of work goes into recruiting and there’s no question who’s paying for it, whether the service and its delivery are good or bad.  It’s unlikely that we’ll see a return to the days of 40 year careers at a single company; let’s consider (say) 4 years as more realistic.  So whilst a hefty recruitment fee may seem like a drop in the ocean over a 40 year career, for 3-4 years it’s a significantly riskier proposition.  You need to see value for money.

We also know the best people are not necessarily actively looking and that organisations are working really hard to hold on to their talent – so if you want to recruit the best talent that there is, then it requires a different approach.

We do this not by advertising or trawling in-house or (worse) online databases.  Rather we go hunting for specific candidates based on solid, thorough research to meet specific client requirements.  We pair expert recruiters with operational and technical managers from within our wider business so that we get the best of both worlds when it comes to finding that scarce talent.

In a nutshell…

  • Quality: It’s hard to beat the quality when you’re working with experts in property and recruitment.
  • Thoroughness: Candidates are so thoroughly vetted, the recruitment process replaces the first round/s of interviewing.
  • Relationship: We’ll learn your organisation’s culture and provide great results with limited information.
  • Reach: We have a network of passive candidates with whom we’ve worked and the tools to access new people. Your organisation wouldn’t have access to them, or necessarily be able to convince them to leave their current jobs.

Time to go hunting!

For more information on our people resourcing services and how we can help you master your recruitment, contact Chris Spencer at

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