The Three Step Guide to Stock Profiling

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The Three Step Guide to Stock Profiling

Registered providers are coming under increasing amounts of pressure and scrutiny by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) to ensure that they have a ‘forensic understanding’ of the costs and benefits of holding each asset. They need to ensure that this information is used to drive their asset management strategy, by informing key investment and di-vestment decision making.

Our stock profiling tool is a crucial way to support this, enabling you to understand the performance of your property portfolio in both a clear and concise way, and importantly through the information the tool produces, allowing you to make evidence-based investment and di-vestment decisions around each of your assets.

But how does this work?

The three step guide to stock profiling

  1. Design and Data Collation

The first step in the process is data collation – understanding what data your organisation holds, where the gaps are, and how this information can be used to shape the analytical approach of the method.

  1. Data Modelling

Next, a combination of financial and non-financial criteria, which is relevant to your organisation is selected, and input into the data model. This then scores your properties based on their current performance, and long-term potential.

  1. Stock Grading

The data model produces information that will allow you to make evidence based decisions, which will optimise the performance of your property portfolio, whilst also aligning with your organisations asset management strategy, and wider strategic vision.

The benefits to you and your organisation

There are countless ways in which using a tool such as stock profiling, can be of benefit to your organisation. For instance, you will be able to learn how to improve, maintain, and make efficiencies to your property portfolio, through understanding the value and limitations of each dwelling. This will mean that you can expect to maximise on the financial and non-financial return of your assets, through data led decision making, providing you with the insight and knowledge of which of your assets work best in the long term future (over 30 years).

How we can help…

At Pennington Choices, we have over a decade of experience in stock profiling. During that time we have helped housing providers and local authorities across the UK.

We use a tailor-made data modelling tool, which will provide you with the unique ability to manage your stock, based on our recommendations on how each asset group should be prioritised. This will take into account the differences of your organisations operating environment, tenant needs and the bespoke financial/non-financial criteria relevant to your asset management strategy.

To speak to one of our specialist consultants about our stock profiling service, click here. Alternatively, to find out more and to learn how we can help you, get in touch with our Head of Consultancy, Sarah Davies here.

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