Six ways recruiters disappoint their clients

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Using an external recruiter should be about the agency adding value and the hirer having a trusted adviser, but often, the employer’s perception may be somewhat different.

If, as a hiring manager, you relate to any of these complaints, maybe it’s time to try something different.

  1. Not adding value

Companies pay hefty fees to recruiters, in return for what?  A candidate with a pulse?

How about a consultant who will provide a solution to a problem or stress point?  Someone who thinks for the client and about their ideal outcome, as opposed to the fee.  A recruiter who brings creativity, innovation and market insight that will inform the client’s decision-making.

  1. Disappearing once the invoice has been paid

Some perceive agencies as self-serving, driven by volume aka ‘burn and churn’.  A quick ad, database search, fire off a few CVs, hope something sticks, send an invoice.  Many recruiters keep in contact with their candidates, hoping they will last beyond their probation (some would say guarantee) period, whilst completely forgetting about the client.

How about a  recruiter who remembers who paid the invoice? Someone who cares about the client’s business, how the new marriage is working out, showing appreciation and keeping in regular contact?  A recruiter who shows that the relationship matters.

  1. Overselling and not listening to what the customer wants

Many recruiters name drop and talk about their successes (basically how good they are), rather than listening to their client’s needs.

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Would you prefer someone who listens twice as much as speaks; someone who listens to understand; a recruiter who actually cares and delivers what is required?

  1. Knowing nothing about their client

A recruiter should never represent a candidate for a role where they haven’t even spoken to the hiring manager, but remarkably this really happens.

How about someone who meets every client (and candidate) in person, so there’s a level of understanding that means both sides are 100% engaged?

  1. Submitting profiles of candidates who don’t meet the brief

This comes back to ‘burn and churn’, to the question of volume based on sales targets and throwing mud (insert alternative) at the wall, hoping something will stick.

Don’t clients deserve a service based on an understanding of their needs and wants, through a qualified brief that leads to the delivery of a hand-picked shortlist?

  1. Palming off clients with platitudes to cover up the lack of candidates

No empty words, corporate mugs or coasters compensate for failure.

Maybe clients would prefer an alternative based on integrity, communication and robust process that minimises the risk of failure?

Supported by property experts including Mark Seaborn, Lee Woods and Jenny Neville, Pennington Recruitment Services operates differently from the wider agency sector, because we are a property services company that recruits.  It means that we understand the sector, your organisation and the challenges it faces.

We deliver a cost effective and time efficient service that releases your key people to focus on their key tasks.  We fill business critical roles that would otherwise leave your business exposed to unacceptable operational and commercial risk.

So, if you feel disappointed by recruiters, rest assured we will:

  1. Add value
  2. Keep in touch
  3. Listen to understand
  4. Learn about your organisation
  5. Be honest, always

Interested in trying something different?

Call or email Chris Spencer.

m: 07930 925223



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