What separates a good consultant from a great consultant?

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We believe that first and foremost, great consultants are made from practitioners. That is, people who have worked client, contractor or supplier-side in the “real world”, experiencing and overcoming the everyday challenges our clients face. Whether this is strategy, leadership, crisis management, project and programme management, performance and people management, our consultants are used to solving problems – not simply identifying them.

There is no blueprint to be a successful consultant. Our consultants are hugely diverse – and that’s the way we like it. We embrace diversity and like to ensure we have a range of experience, knowledge and learning. However, there are three commonalities across all our consultants:  effective communication and relationship building, and integrity.

Verbal and written communication is essential. The ability to communicate at all levels from operator to Chief Executive; and, to articulate messages clearly in the written form is key.

Building relationships is also vital. Building trust and confidence with clients and across all stakeholders will enable lasting positive relationships.

Finally, integrity is a solid value from which to build credibility. Our consultants do what they say and only give advice where they know it to be sound. Where they don’t know – they find out – and utilise the skills and the knowledge of the people around them. They become a reliable and dependable conduit for problem solving.

Are you a real life practitioner with strong communication and relationship building skills, and integrity?

We’re looking for driven, conscientious people to help build the success of our team. If you like working in a team and like to have fun, then maybe you should consider working with us. We’re looking for skills in asset management, property management, repairs and maintenance, compliance, finance, management and leadership.

We are the number 1 employer in Warrington (as defined by Best Companies), and we were awarded the Best Employer award at the Warrington Business Awards. And this is no mean feat – Warrington is set to overtake Liverpool as an enterprise region.

We will not stop here. Great companies are made by great people – and we want more great people to help shape our journey.

We offer flexible and agile working, a safe and supported environment, and general all-round happiness!

If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact Jenny Neville, our professional services director.

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