How to satisfy your housing compliance obligations

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There has been an increase in statutory housing compliance legislation placed upon registered providers of social housing and residential care homes conducting regulatory activities.

This in turn has placed significant maintenance and health and safety obligations on registered providers.  The health and safety of residents, staff, operatives and visitors to any properties or other buildings managed or owned by registered providers is of paramount importance.

Leading compliance consultancy offering robust housing compliance governance – ensuring your health and safety obligations are independently tested and met

A Pennington Choices Housing Compliance Health Check can help you as a registered provider to satisfy your compliance obligations.

The Housing Compliance Health Check covers the ‘big 6’ – gas, asbestos, fire, electrical, water hygiene and HHSRS – and will help you assess:

  1. Your levels of compliance with statutory legislation and identification of any breaches of compliance or non-conformity with codes of practice. The Housing Compliance Health Check also provides clear, practical and time-bound advice on how to rectify these areas
  2. If your approach to managing housing compliance reflects industry best practice and if not, provide you with a clear action plan of what you need to do to achieve best practice
  3. If your housing compliance strategy, policies, procedures and other supporting documents are ‘fit for purpose’, accessible and in a format that is easy to communicate, understand and execute across your business and to all relevant stakeholders
  4. Whether your staff, contractors and other partners are clear about their roles and responsibilities for managing compliance, and health and safety obligations
  5. Whether you have a robust inspection based approach to housing compliance that helps you pro-actively identify risks, and that actions are subsequently taken to eliminate, mitigate and/or manage the risks in an evidence based way
  6. Whether your housing compliance system for capturing and maintaining records of all appliances within stock owned by you is ‘fit for purpose’, including the date they were last inspected and/or serviced, and the due date of the next inspection and/or service, and whether this can be trusted as your ‘one version of the truth’
  7. That you have relevant documentation and records to support your compliance activity and that you can evidence that follow-on actions are completed and ‘closed down’.

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