Quiz – How well do you know asbestos?

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All About Asbestos

Think you know all about asbestos? As far as these microscopic fibres go, there is a lot to understand; from their composition and occurrences and uses, to the many Codes of Practice and regulations surrounding it as a substance.

In our previous article “4 Things You Didn’t Know About Asbestos”, we touched on some interesting facts about asbestos, including its occurrence in toothpaste during the 1950s. Historically, asbestos was not regarded in the same way as it is today. Today, it is a dangerous substance that can cause fatalities if left undiscovered, or if it is disturbed without appropriate action.

To test your knowledge, we have come up with a short quiz all about asbestos. Have you read up on the Control of Asbestos Regulations lately? Do you know all about asbestos removal and the procedures involved? Make a note of your answer for each question and see your score at the end!

Take the quiz to find out…

Question 1: What do the Control of Asbestos Regulations apply to?

A). Asbestos removal contractors only

B). Work with brown and blue asbestos, but not white

C). All activity which might cause exposure in the workplace

D). Only work with asbestos that will take longer than an hour

Question 2: Which of the following materials might contain asbestos?

A). Floor tiles

B). Pipe insulation

C). Corrugated cement cladding

D). All of the above

Question 3: What does “ACM” stand for?

A). Asbestos Contaminated Minerals

B). Asbestos Containing Materials

C). Asbestos Containing Minerals

D). Asbestos Contaminated Materials

Question 4: If you identify suspected ACMs during your work, you should:

A). Carry on working, but be careful not to touch it

B). Carry on working, but sweep up any debris that you create

C). Stop working and ask someone else to do the job

D). Stop working and isolate the area, informing the employer or client

Question 5: How many asbestos related disease deaths are there in the UK each year?

A). 1,000+

B). 5,000+

C). 2,500+

D). 10,000+

Question 6: Which of the following are properties of asbestos?

A). Stable at high temperatures

B). Good electrical insulator

C). High tensile strength

D). All of the above

Question 7: Which material(s) can normally only be removed by a licensed asbestos removal company?

A). Asbestos cement

B). Asbestos floor tiles

C). Asbestos containing Artex (textured coating)

D). Asbestos insulating board, insulation and coatings

How did you do? Check your answers over below. Did you know as much about asbestos as you thought you did?

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Quiz answers:

Question 1 answer: C

Question 2 answer: D

Question 3 answer: B

Question 4 answer: D

Question 5 answer: B

Question 6 answer: D

Question 7 answer: D

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