Pennington Choices’ Easter egg drive supports Weaver Vale Housing Trust’s charity of the year

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With Easter on the horizon, the staff at Pennington Choices head office in Warrington have come together with Weaver Vale Housing Trust to provide the Mid Cheshire food bank with a variety of Easter eggs during the holiday period.

A total of 80 Easter eggs, in a range of different shapes and sizes, were donated by the 46 staff located at Pennington Choices, Warrington head office, and were delivered with the help of Weaver Vale Housing Trust to the Winsford-based warehouse ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The Mid Cheshire food bank is a project funded by local churches and community groups aiming to stop hunger in the local area by providing emergency food to people in crisis.

Managing director of Pennington Choices, Mark Seaborn, said “Easter is often associated with the act of giving Easter eggs to friends, family and loved ones, but it is also a time to take a step back to help and give to those that maybe experiencing times of hardship.

“The Mid Cheshire food bank and its amazing team of volunteers, many of whom are Weaver Vale employees, does an incredible job for the local community, and I am thrilled at the response from our team who have donated so generously.

“I know that our staff are not the only ones that have taken time to donate to the food bank this Easter, but I hope that the Easter eggs that they have provided with will provide local residents and families with enjoyment over the Easter break.”


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