Pennington Choices confirmed as an exor gold standard organisation

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Exor Press Release

Pennington Choices is proud to announce that they have successfully achieved exor accreditation. This accreditation demonstrates their ability to meet the rigorous pre-qualification requirements within the private and public sectors. Exor’s standards are recognised as being amongst the highest in the industry.

“Achieving the gold exor accreditation strengthens our offering as an efficient, trusted and flexible supplier. We tailor our services to meet the demands of our clients. Our team takes pride in working to high standards, this accreditation rewards our efforts and confirms us as the exceptional, trusted expert in our field.”  – Gary Bampton, Pennington Choices’ Commercial Director

Exor was established in 1997 to supply an efficient, outsourced supply chain service. Exor understands that the management of risk is a central issue in the procuring of goods and services, adopting a thorough and robust approach to independently check and validate supplier information. Only suppliers and contractors that can attain and maintain these high standards will gain admission to the approved exor supplier database.

John Kinge, Technical Director of exor said, “Organisations need to be able to ensure that their supply partners are reliable, financially stable and compliant with all relevant legislation. A third party accreditation scheme can be an efficient way in which to manage complex compliance issues such as these. With robust supplier management in place, the company at the top of the supply chain will have the confidence they need to outsource vital services, which removes the hassle of verification and gives piece of mind that they are adhering to regulation and industry best practice.”

The exor accreditation scheme assesses, reviews and audits suppliers’ procedures and documentation; suppliers can then be included on a database which demonstrates they have met the highest standards in the market place in procurement risk management.

For further information about the exor scheme, contact:

Tammy James
Campaign Manager
029 2026 6750

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