Pennington Choices links up with Fire Service to provide festive treats to The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

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With Christmas fast approaching, the staff at Pennington Choices head office in Warrington have teamed up with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to provide the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust with a range of selections packs.

A total of 80 selection boxes were donated by the 46 staff housed in their Warrington office, and were delivered with the help of Lymm Fire Station Red Watch to the 17th Century Farmhouse located at Booth Bank Farm.

The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust is a registered charity that provides a variety of programmes for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West.

Managing Director of Pennington Choices, Mark Seaborn, said: “Christmas isn’t only a time to eat, drink and be merry. Instead the true nature is helping and giving to those that are going through extremely challenging times.

“The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust does great things for children who have known or have been through terrible times of hardship, and I am delighted that our staff have embraced the charity and have given so generously.

“I hope that the selection boxes will provide the children with excitement and fun over Christmas, as it is the least that they deserve.”

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