Building Surveyor

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What can you expect from undertaking a career at Pennington Choices as a Building Surveyor?

Working as a building surveyor at Pennington Choices, you will provide professional advice on property and construction, ranging from multi-million-pound structures to modest adaptations and repairs.

You will be responsible for completing detailed reports, known as building surveys. You will also identify defects and advise on repair, maintenance and restoration options on a range of projects including within existing buildings, buildings of architectural or historical importance and the development of new ones. You may also implement preventative measures to keep buildings in good condition and will look for ways to make buildings more sustainable.

Additional tasks may include:

  • Ensure projects are completed on budget and to schedule.
  • Prepare scheme designs with costings, programmes for completion of projects and specification of works.
  • Determine the condition of existing buildings, identify and analyse defects, including proposals for repair.
  • Instruct on the preservation/ conservation of historic buildings.
  • Deal with planning applications and advise on property legislation and building regulations.
  • Instruct on construction design and management regulations.
  • Carry out feasibility studies.
  • Advise on boundary and ‘right to light’ disputes and party wall procedures.
  • Advise clients on schemes and projects and determine requirements.
  • Organise documents for tender and advise on appointing contractors, designers and procurement routes.
  • Advise on energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainable construction.
  • Advise on the management and supervision of maintenance of buildings.
  • Assess and design buildings to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Negotiate dilapidations (when there is a legal liability for a property’s state of disrepair).
  • Advise on the health and safety aspects of buildings.
  • Prepare insurance assessments and claims.

What can Pennington Choices offer you?

At Pennington Choices, hard work is strongly rewarded. We as a business offer both support and opportunities for our staff to progress within their career paths. We do this through the provision of external and internal training programs, which includes new managers training along with allowing our staff to work towards specific industry recognised qualifications, such as the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS).

In addition, we also offer company-wide perks including; an employee discount scheme, a competitive salary, flexible working hours and a wide range of additional benefits, take a look at our full list of benefits here.

Hear from some of our Building Surveyors

We have a personal case study from one of our Senior Energy Surveyors, Ben discussing his experience of being a part of Pennington Choices. You can find Ben’s story on the right hand side of the page.

Interested in a career as a Building Surveyor at Pennington Choices? Why not take a look at our current vacancies to see if there is a role right for you?