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What can you expect from undertaking a career as an Asbestos Surveyor at Pennington Choices?

Undertaking a career as an Asbestos Surveyor provides you with an in-depth knowledge of building construction, material types and property design. What is great about this career path is that no two days are the same, as you will be working in a variety of different property and building types from domestic households, to schools, colleges, hospitals and more.

It is also a sociable career, as you will meet a wide range of different people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. You will also receive and inherit skills and experiences that will stay with you for a life time.

What are some of the key skills you need to work as an Asbestos Surveyor at Pennington Choices?

  • Good communication skills;
  • The ability to put people at ease, given the nature of working with asbestos;
  • A good eye for detail is key to spot potential asbestos materials and hazards;
  • You will also need to be driven to do the best work possible and to reach/exceed your personal goals.

What can Pennington Choices offer you?

At Pennington Choices we will provide you with a full training program that has been designed to enable you to meet the required standards for each skill set, whatever your ability. Once the initial training is complete, we ensure that ongoing training is provided to enhance and expand upon your knowledge. We have designed these programs so that everybody can develop their skills at their own pace, because we understand that everybody learns at a different rate.

We also offer a range of company-wide perks including; an employee discount scheme, a competitive salary and a wide range of additional benefits. Take a look at our full list of benefits here.

Hear from some of our Asbestos Surveyors

Interested in hearing more about a career in asbestos? We have a personal case study from one of our Asbestos Surveyors Adam, discussing his experience being a part of the Pennington Choices asbestos team. You can find his story on the right hand side of the page.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a career in asbestos at Pennington Choices, take a look at our current vacancies to see if there is a role that is right for you.