Compliance Masterclass held to advise on statutory compliance pitfalls

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Over 45 Registered Providers join Pennington Choices at their Compliance Masterclass at the Arora Hotel, Manchester City Centre. The theme of the free best practice event was to highlight and prevent statutory compliance pitfalls – sharing experience and understanding to help Registered Providers meet their statutory compliance obligations and ultimately safeguard against downgrades and intervention.

Symphony’s Chief Executive, Bronwen Rapley reflected on her experience of the downgrade process, having recently been downgraded to G3 by the Regulator, along with her experience as a HCA practitioner dealing with non-compliance.

Statutory compliance consultant, Lee Woods, who specialises in statutory compliance and governance, provided insight into the key pitfalls and what good housing compliance looks like. Having undertaken numerous statutory Compliance Health Checks for a diverse range of Registered Providers, Lee advised delegates how to effectively manage their key compliance challenges.

Due to the success of the event, we are delighted to confirm a second Compliance Masterclass in London on the 24th February 2017 at the CIH from 12 noon. Please contact for further information.

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