Statutory compliance – how to identify your compliance gaps

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Legislation surrounding housing compliance has seen a lot of change in recent years and this has put increasing pressure on social housing providers to ensure they are meeting their obligations. Failure to rectify compliance gaps can, and has, resulted in regulatory sanctions for some providers.

The crux of the challenge is being able to fully evidence and manage the entirety of your obligations across the “big five” areas – gas, asbestos, fire, electrical, water hygiene and beyond. Whilst there are a multitude of factors which can contribute to compliance failure, a common and prominent theme is providers not knowing firstly, what they need to do to comply and secondly, where they are falling short.

Our Compliance Self Assessment questionnaire can help to address these issues. Whilst it cannot be used as a comprehensive compliance tool it can be a stepping stone to a very important process. The assessment will allow you to identify compliance gaps and may highlight that a more in-depth review along with a change in policy and methodology are required.

If the questionnaire does expose shortcomings this can be addressed and remedied with a Compliance Health Check – a structured and detailed assessment of your compliance regime which will highlight your potential and actual risks and advise you how to overcome them. Please see our Statutory Compliance and Compliance Health Check area for more information.

To start your statutory compliance gap analysis, download our Compliance Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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