‘Britain’s most notorious estate’

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Pre-demolition and air monitoring works finally begin for Aylesbury

Working with Notting Hill Housing, our team of professional asbestos surveyors are helping to rejuvenate the Aylesbury Estate in South East London. Pennington Choices asbestos team are carrying out asbestos air monitoring works on what was once described as ‘Britain’s most notorious estate’ according to The Times newspaper.

Our team of asbestos analysts are on site to deliver a number of clearances and provide all other air monitoring requirements by checking for leaks within each property and running personal tests on the asbestos removal contractors. Asbestos related deaths are currently at a record-high in the UK – We aim to ensure no contractor or tenant is exposed to asbestos on the site.

Georgina Bond, Pennington Choices’ Asbestos Project Manager, explained:

“There are still tenants living on the estate so it is important that the background ambient air is tested to make sure the redevelopment continue safely during the asbestos removal works”.

The redevelopment works have been fifteen years in the planning as discussions to redevelop the community began as far back as the new millennium.

Councillor Mark Williams explained the development, now successfully in its second phase, was needed to give residents an improved quality of life;

“Our residents need better quality affordable homes with more open green space and better community facilities”.

In the past the large-scale 3,900 home estate has infamously attracted attention from then Prime Minister Tony Blair in his opening speech as an example of a community in crisis. Built in the 1960s and expanded on until the mid 1970s, Aylesbury became a high priority for Southwark council as crime rates grew and disadvantage, reportedly, was amongst the poorest in Britain.

Today however, as the works continue the Aylesbury estate is enjoying much anticipated improvements. Kate Davies, Chief Executive of Notting Hill Housing has announced:

“This is another important step forward in the regeneration of the Aylesbury and we are proud to be providing new facilities such as a library and health centre”.

In an era of record-high asbestos related illnesses, Pennington Choices’ sampling surveys aim to ensure that no single contractor, tenant or visitor becomes another statistic in the worrying numbers of asbestos deaths. Southwark council outlined extensive plans to commit to smooth and unobtrusive development works that included full tenant access to their home, full emergency service access, unaltered waste collection as well as extensive traffic management schemes.

Pennington Choices’ air monitoring is a crucial component in delivering a quality and safe service to the community and workers on the Aylesbury estate.

If you would like to discuss our asbestos services further please call 020 8290 5629 or email info@pennington.org.uk

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