Pennington Choices accredited as a Best Companies 2* organisation

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Pennington Choices, the award-winning, nationwide property surveying and consultancy organisation has been announced as the 9th best company to work for in the North-West and has been accredited to 2* organisation by Best Companies.

This marks a hat-trick of recognition for the Warrington-based company, after winning the respective Bromley and Warrington Business Awards throughout 2018.

In 2018, Pennington Choices was accredited to a 1* organisation and was ranked 29th in the North-West’s Best Companies. The list of the Best Companies to work for in the North-West represents the 75 organisations with the highest regional Best Companies scores.

Commenting on the occasion, managing director, Mark Seaborn said:

“We have worked hard to improve staff engagement over the past few years and I am extremely proud that we have not only been accredited as a Best Companies 2* organisation, but also feature as the 9th Best Company to work for in the North-West.

“Work should be fun as well as providing us with the professional and financial rewards that we all need in our lives. We are therefore committed to achieving high levels of staff engagement and this remains a Key Business Objective for the year ahead.

“I would like to take time to thank all of our amazing staff at Pennington Choices that are working across the entirety of the country, for their continued support, commitment and engagement. Without them the business simply would not be where it is today and for that, I am truly grateful to them.

“I am excited to see what 2019 has in store for us all and hope that this time next year, we will have again improved on our fantastic 2018 scores.”

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